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Co-Owner ~ Abysmal

(GRAND OPENING) In Development Stage

Hello there! Welcome to Exilium Beta. This is a single person project to change the ideals of "RS-PS", giving a different feel as much as possible. This server has been in development for the last 3 years on and off, and is now going to be dedicated hosting. As you know, this would be the Beta version of Exilium meaning there is many things to test eco-wise and suggestions are needed aswell. At the end of the Beta, beta testers will be given special abilities, items, and a soon-to-be rare Veteran rank. Mind you, there are a few mistakes need fixing but at this time i'm focusing on the big changes. I will fix everything throughout the future. Any donations during Beta will be returned to the player after economy reset. I wish you luck my Exilium friends! Lets give ourselves something to do. :)